So You Think You Want To Be A Crime Thriller Writer?

    So you think you want to be a crime thriller writer? As difficult and shocking as it is in comprehending the raw violence in this world, I find I am drawn to attempt to understand it, attempting to figure out what lies beneath the worldly façade of those who victimize. The motivations and backstories, or lack thereof, that shaped their lives...and futures. Not only their own, but each of those they touched, even briefly. In research for my crime thriller novels, I find renewed respect for law enforcement, C.S.I, forensic psychology and science. Writing about violent crime is compelling, and as a fiction writer I am able to mold and shape my characters and their lives into a thrilling dramatic telling of their lives and their destruction. Many writers won't openly admit that they use personalities of those around them to create characters, then flesh them out by often combining many into just one. Then add the what if. What if he was... what if he did this... and keep rounding out the character until he is his own man... or beast. There are a million ways to rewrite today’s headlines and put your own spin on it. Ever notice that a lot of the books out today seem a lot the same? It's not because everyone is copying each other, it's because a lot of the writers have the same ideas. When I write, I have to be motivated on a focused mission to tell my story, the story that swirls around in my head, awake and in my dreams, demanding to be told. I write obsessively, until I can't think straight anymore and then hit the bed. rising only long enough to make coffee, feed the cats, dogs and ranch animals before melding once again with my computer. My soon to be ex-husband claimed for years he was a writer's widower, complaining of lonely days and nights sitting alone in front of Netflix. I admit I am poor wife/girlfriend material... nothing exists outside of my world when I am writing a novel. It's not that I don't care, it's that my mind runs a live video of my characters, the scenes, etc. I scribble notes when an idea hits while I am perched impatiently on the edge of the couch, watching a movie with hubby to appease his ire, all the while wanting to dash back to my office where I feel the computer calling me to finish the chapter before midnight. I know it is bad when my little chihuahua, Oliver does backflips in excitement every time he sees me enter the kitchen for another cup of coffee. Trust me, I have tried to work a schedule writing. It's not me. I am consumed with my stories, literally living, breathing it every moment until the novel is published. I cannot write any other way. I try to stay on top of social media, my fan page and return phone calls and e-mails. I'll be the first to admit I fall short of my aim to do so in a timely manner. But, given my truth as stated above, I love my job as a crime thriller novelist ( don't forget the paranormal mysteries) and I can't imagine any other life here on my little ranch in New Mexico.


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